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Be a member to access the materials!

  • 一般會員 General members

    Every month
    學生會員 General student members
    • 所有學生專用的PPT
    • 可以反覆聆聽的語音檔
    • All the PPT contents for students
    • The sound files that you can listen repeatedly
  • 一般全年會員 General Member Annual Plan

    Every year
    最適合學生的方案! Best Plan for all Mandarin Learners!
    • 所有學生專用的PPT
    • 可以反覆聆聽的聲音檔
    • All student PPT
    • The sound files that you can listen repeatedly
    • Discounted Price!
  • 教師會員 Premium Teacher

    Every month
    教師會員 A plan for teachers!
    • 所有的內容都可以使用!
    • Teaching Slideshows
    • Lesson Plans
  • 最划算!!

    教師全年會員 Premium Teacher Annual Plan

    Every year
    老師們最划算的選擇!The best plan for teachers!
    • 所有的內容,折價的價錢!
    • Teaching Slideshows
    • Lesson Plans
    • Textbook
    • Discounted Price!

The differences between different membership types.

  1. The free membership at Xiang Culture allows access to all "Learning Chinese with Minecraft" PowerPoint presentations and trial previews of Xiang Culture's custom educational materials offered several times a week. However, after the trial period, these educational materials from Xiang Culture will be exclusively available to paying teachers.

  2. The regular membership at Xiang Culture is primarily designed for student use. Regular members can access almost all current PowerPoint presentations, but they won't have access to many tools, and the teacher's manuals or the teacher-specific PowerPoint presentations for festive occasions.

  3. Each PowerPoint file includes audio files! Teachers can remind students that these audio files can have their playback speed adjusted!

  4. The Premium Teacher membership at Xiang Culture is intended for teachers' use. For festive occasions, teachers can access complete teacher's manuals with more art-related activities and methods for conducting activities! Teachers can also use teacher-specific PowerPoint presentations, which are entirely in Chinese and contain surprises!

  5. Premium Teacher members can also download teaching resources, such as phonetic spelling practice sheets and the upcoming versatile listening, speaking, reading, and writing board game! More teaching resources are planned for future release exclusively for Premium Teacher members!

  6. Xiang Culture charges in CAD, Canadian dollars!

    We understand that many teachers wish to download and modify Xiang Culture's content, but the images used in Xiang Culture are copyrighted and cannot be duplicated. Therefore, we can't allow teachers to download and modify the content.
    However, we warmly welcome suggestions from teachers! If teachers have suggestions on how we can modify our content, please let us know. We'll evaluate and strive to meet your expectations. We also welcome ideas from teachers, as Xiang Culture is eager to create interesting PowerPoint presentations and educational materials for you!

    If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us at Xiang Culture looks forward to hearing from you!

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