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Learning Materials 

We are dedicated to creating teaching material for people who like to learn more about Chinese culture, arts, and language. 

In our learning material, you will find Chinese, Pinyin, Zhuyin, and English. Most importantly, there are sound files for you to listen to the material. 

The material's content includes but is not limited to Festivals, Chinese Art, Chinese Music, Chinese Dance, Chinese Philosophy...

We also provide teaching material for Mandarin teachers when you choose our book for your students! Please contact us for more information.


我們的每一個單元內容都非常的多與充實,因此, 我們不建議您一次上完全部的內容。

如果每天能花 10 分鐘,介紹即將到來的節日,會比一次把所有內容都塞給學生好!







每次在教文化課的時候, 是不是有些心有餘而力不足的感覺呢? 每次過年過節準備文化教材時, 是不是都沒時間把教材統整好再教呢? 別擔心!我們為您準備好了! 學生的課本, 教師用的投影片, 教師手冊, 以及充實的教學活動, 都集結在這了! 



Cultural lovers

Are you interested in Chinese culture, but hesitated to learn the Chinese language? Fear not! In this book, we introduce Chinese arts and culture in both Chinese and English. You can read English and listen to Chinese. Check it out, you will be amazed by the beauty of Chinese culture! 

Sample Material

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